Our staff is full of qualified and motivated individuals who do their best each and every day to connect job seekers and employers!

Administrative & Support Team:

Ayla Dyer, Workforce Development Director
Cathy Archer, Workforce Development Finance Coordinator
Temecca Belcher, WIOA Contractor Liaison/Outreach Coordinator
Amy Ross, Performance & Compliance Manager

Business & Economic Services Team:

Rusty Gaskins, Business & Economic Services Manager
Kerri Kellahan, Program Support Services Coordinator
Kim McCutchen, Business Services Representative

Operations Centers Team:

Todd Gurley, One Stop Operator
Lavornia Forsh, Resource Specialist
Jonathan Tomlinson, Resource Specialist
Tonowa Wilson, Resource Specialist

Career Services Administrative Team:

Sherell Sherman, Project Director

Conway Career Services Team:

Rodney Battista, WIOA Quality Assurance/Trainer/Youth Career Specialist
Shaindel Grant, WIOA Career Specialist
Jasmine Snow, WIOA Career Specialist
Monica Weaver, WIOA Career Specialist
Alexandria Weimer, WIOA Career Specialist

Georgetown Career Services Team:

Janese Daniels, WIOA Career Specialist

Kingstree Career Services Team:

Thenthy Anderson, WIOA Career Specialist
Eva Porchea, WIOA Career Specialist